Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sick days

This week has not been a good one for me. I got a bad case of hemorragic gastroenteritis. My parents were so scared... I had to go to the vet and stay there for 2 days, where I was fed through intravenous therapy. And yesterday, just when I started feeling OK again, I got sick a 2nd time... Today I feel fine and I run around the house just like before, though... My mom hopes I'll stay healthy for a while now...

To cheer you up a little, here are some magazines from England, France and the USA featuring cavaliers. My mom bought them these past months. Isn't that tri-colour puppy adorable?
The French magazine article explains that we, cavaliers, have a long and very romantic history. We are Royal Spaniels. I need a crown fast!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The sleepover

I thought that my week-end would be ordinary (walks, some time alone, a visit to the dog park, watching movies on TV with mom), but boy was I wrong. Look who came for a sleepover ! This is Aya, a 9 month-old BIG puppy full of energy! Isn't she cute?Aya is a very well-behaved female. She let me taste her water and even her bone! My parents liked her very much... but they think that a small dog is much easier to handle (well, maybe except for you Remington)!

For now, I'm still their one and only baby dog. And if I get a dog sister or brother, it's going to be a cavalier!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Up close with tigers

A few days ago, Marley and Jasper's mom (my cavalier friends from Australia) wrote on her blog that she loved tigers and she posted stunning pictures of those big wild cats. Go look at them, you'll be impressed!
Did you know that I, too, have a foundness for these gracious felines? In fact, I'm brave enough to play with them every day in my own home! Look!
Here is a small tiger that I named Tigrou. I wrestle with him almost every day!
He has been my frienemy since Day I!
When I feel like it, I shake both the small and the big tigers at the same time.
A trip to the jungle? Any time! I'm ready for it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's my birthday!

Last Sunday was a big day for me: my very first birthday! I'm a big boy now!
On this photo taken by my breeder, I was just a tiny puppy... I met my human parents when I was 2 months old and I had no problem at all adjusting to my new life. On Day 1, I was already at ease in the car, at home with the cats and in the backyard.
Back then, I LOVED to chew! I still do, but much less (thankfully, says mom, looking at the kitchen chairs).
For my birthday, I got 2 collars and a leash from Day Dog Designs. I'll show them to you tomorrow. They are super pretty! I also got lots of healthy treats and countless kisses.
Being the king of the house rules!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water boy

Up until last Sunday, I did not know that I love water. It took grandpa Robert, mommy's dad, to show me that I do not have to be afraid. Together with mom, we took a long walk, then I played in the waterfall. It was fun!

You may think that I was a bit unconfortable and you're right! See, mommy had forgotten my Flexi leash so she had to buy a short, cheap one at the last minute. Now, I have 4 leashes at home and 1 will stay in the car.
Thanks for everything Robert! We make a great team! Next time I visit, may I run free in your house?