Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our new life

As you can see, our brudder is adjusting
very well to our new house
(ugly flooring included!).
He's happy all the time,
loving daycare more and more and,
apart from needing to get bigger,
his health is much much better.
It's super cool, right?

 Dad found a new job last week, for a big
company in Montreal.
So far, so good!
We are not exactly happy about this,
but we do get a lot of attention in the evening...
Everyday, mom rushes from her workplace
 closer to home and with
shorter hours, 
picks up our brudder and
hurries to get us out.
Fino, who never got the top grades
in housetraining, finds this challenging.
I'm doing great!
 Luckily, we have our backyard!
And we are not the only ones who love it!
No, we're not going up there!
Do not mistake us for cats!