Monday, November 21, 2011

Very busy times

Our family have been very busy these past weeks...
Mom says she is wayyyy behind in commenting
the blogs
that she follows
and she is really sorry for this.

In between the occasional play session at the dog park
and our daily walks,
Fino and I had to spend some time in our crates...
and build up our separation anxiety problem.

See, our dear brudder Jerome
had numerous appointments
at the hospital.
Two weeks ago,
he had a same-day surgery to have a drain
removed from his right kidney...
only to have to replaced two days later
after a long day at the ER.
It seems that the vital organ could not
work properly without it.

Then, his horrible, hard-to-kill
bacteria manifested itself again
and he had a week of daily IV treatments.

Certainly because of our cheerful presence,
Jerome was a trooper all the way.
He's the best!

The little guy will have to go through another surgery
(this time a major one, like the
one he had earlier this year)
on November 29th, if things
go according to plan.
Mom thinks that we'll go to the doggie hotel again.
Dad replied that, with his days off from work,
we could probably manage without it.
He mentioned something called "money".

Orijen kibbles and delicious treats, we understand,
but money? What is this anyway?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
I hope you had fun and got lots of treats!
Things were really special at our house yesterday,
as Batman (aka Alex, Sophie's brother)
rescued an authentic Chinese panda!
Our big brudder understood what was
going on early on and he learned to say
"Merci" to every generous person who gave him candy.
Fino and I wanted to be part of the event and mom was
thrilled about this until the very last minute.
She then got afraid that we might steal the show
in a bad way if we got too anxious and started barking.
We did meet Batman, though.
And Fino got to show part of his shiny Halloween t-shirt.
Me? I didn't really like my fluffy orange collar,
so I refused to parade in from of the camera.
Maybe next year with a better costume!