Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy birthday Jerome!

Today is our brudder's Jerome birthday!
He's turning 2!
For his special day, the little boy received a BIG
gift from Sophie and Philippe:
new flooring upstairs, including in
his bedroom.
He also got lots of toys, don't worry!

At first, mom and dad wanted hardwood,
but it turns out that it does not go
well with things like a long trip to China,
a new baby, a adoption leave from work...
and a new puppy... :-)
They settled for laminate instead.
It'll be easier to clean!

Because the job is done by one of Sophie's friend
who does this on the side, it's taking a long time.
Toys, books and furnitures are everywhere...
and mom can't find the camera.
No dogs photo today...

The iPhone photo below was taken by
her brother Alex
For his birthday, Alex gave Jerome a Little People garage
and Colette - Sophie and Alex's mom -
gave him a toy cart with many
plastic fruits and veggies.
Let's hope Jerome will be able to name
them before Fino and I chew them all!
Just joking!
I must admit that we are getting a little
bit better at not touching them.
Baby steps...

I told you that Jerome had to go to the hospital last week.
It turns out that he'll have to go many more times
to pass more exams.
We all all grateful that, at least,
excellent doctors are doing their best to take care of him.

Bonne fête Jérôme!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A big heart

I'm back!
I still have BIG improvements to make at home
(such as not making the earth shatter and terrify
everybody every time mom leaves the house),
but I had to show up for my sweet Valentine,
Miss Kodee.
You are a stunning tricolor, dear, and I hope to
meet you one day.
Fino has a tender spot for your beautiful sister.
Becky, would you like to be his cougar girlfriend?
As you know, February is the month of the heart.
Our brudder Jerome received great news about his last week:
it is perfectly OK!
This week, on Friday, mom will meet the urologist to know more
about the problem with his kidneys.
We all hope for the best.

The little guy still has to gain weight.
It's difficult because he is kind of a fussy eater.
My complete opposite!
Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you'll get lots of hugs and lots of treats!

We have another visit from the dog trainer
on Tuesday. I'll tell you all about it.

Bye bye!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A great pair!

My brudders Jerome and Fino are getting
closer every day.
See how they had fun last week after our stop at the dog park!
Young Fino can be a real tornado sometimes,
but what a love sponge...
His fur is now half short and half long.
He looks like a mutant!

As for me, well, mom had banned me from my own blog this week...
- Rouky, I really think you are the naughtiest cavalier in the world!
No picture of you this week.
Next time, if you don't behave yourself,
I'll show your readers
the plastic toys cemetery you created.
- Mom, no!
I'll improve!
Just watch me!