Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A great pair!

My brudders Jerome and Fino are getting
closer every day.
See how they had fun last week after our stop at the dog park!
Young Fino can be a real tornado sometimes,
but what a love sponge...
His fur is now half short and half long.
He looks like a mutant!

As for me, well, mom had banned me from my own blog this week...
- Rouky, I really think you are the naughtiest cavalier in the world!
No picture of you this week.
Next time, if you don't behave yourself,
I'll show your readers
the plastic toys cemetery you created.
- Mom, no!
I'll improve!
Just watch me!


  1. Oh Rouky! I am certain you mommy must be mistaken. You are perfect! She should just ask me! Love the pic of Jerome and Fino. Hope things get better for you, my friend....

  2. Rouky babe, you can always put a paw on my rug :-)
    you are the number one, :-) Sometime's people tend to forget it.... :-) Although you have to give way to babes. :-)
    Saying all that..... Rug is still yours if you need it :-):-) X X X Don't think you really do :-) ha ha..... love you Roulky.... Keep the faith my friend and let them all know your the boy :-) X

  3. Have to add here, look at that babes face :-) :-) :-) he he ...... X X X

  4. Loving the picture of Rouky and the heart pillows! adorable!

  5. Jerome certainly looks like he's so HAPPY in his new home. Must be such a relief for you all to have settled in together and that Jerome is feeling better too. Rouky - love the reference to the plastic toy cemetery, made us laugh over here. Fino - looking very cute, you're not a mutant.

  6. Oh dear Rouky, sounds like your in trouble!! Becky has a pet cemetary too. Glad Fino is fitting in so nicely and he looks FANTASTIC!

  7. Psst! Be our Valentine? <3 Fino and Rouky!!