Monday, January 24, 2011

Back home

We are back home!
Well, we have been for a few days now
(note from mom:
boarding 2 dogs really
is crazy expensive, but those
4 less stressful days
were priceless...).
Jerome had be hospitalized for 10 days, and then
he had to go back for 2 more days because he
caught the gastro virus at the hospital.
He's now feeling much better.
He's going to have to go back in February, though,
to see if there are more serious troubles...

Things are fun here! We never stop!
Look, I just stole Fino's bone!

Finally, someone uses that special place where I never go.
"Jerome, it would be the perfect time to reflect
on why biting your parents is wrong, even
if you do it when you are happy!".
Little Fino, here, got sick after his vaccination last week.
He's now OK and full of energy.

It has been SO cold these past days,
that we don't get walked
very much.
We prefer to play tug-of-war.
Want to join us?


  1. So happy things are going better. Jerome has been in our thoughts and prayers. Hope all continues to go GREAT! Cute pics, my friend!

  2. Very cute photos I agree. Jerome...awww...did you lock yourself in there because you want to be a puppy too? Bet you're happy to be home and back with your furry friends. Hope he is feeling better soon and you get on top of it all. Being a parent is so rewarding, but can tear at your heart when our little ones are hurting.

  3. I hope you boy is doing better! Great to see Rouky again, RE: Vaccination, our cav used to have bad reactions to it as well, sometimes got quite swelled up, don't know if that is your problem, if it is, the vet now gives him a shot of anti-histamine (I think that's it) about 15mins prior, then when he gets the shot he is fine. Hope that helps mate!

  4. We're very sorry to hear that Jerome had to stay in the hospital for almost two weeks. We really hope he won't have any more problem. We'll keep sending you vibes. :) :) And Fino... glad you felt better and got full of energy again!

    Stay warm, guys!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  5. Good to see yer Roulky me little mate.
    Ah, sorry, we have been away from visitng for a while ref blog world. I see we have missed something really important.
    Hope Jerome is good and feels much better now... if not, then please can you give him a huge slobbery kiss from us and give him our love :-) x x x Ames and Co. X

  6. Isnt this great to hear Jerome is feeling better! I bet you are all glad to be back home.