Friday, January 7, 2011

Good vibes needed

Remember a few weeks ago, when my
brudder Jerome had to have some tests done
at the hospital? Well, it turned out that
he has a nasty and rare bacterium in his urine.
He'll have to stay in isolation at the hospital
for a least 10 days,
even if he does not "feel"sick...
Fino and I know that he is a fighter.
Get well soon, Jerome!

For us, that means that we'll spend
next week
at a doggie hotel.
We'll try to behave...


  1. Jerome is in our thoughts and prayers. We all hope he will be better very soon! I know you will be okay at the doggie hotel. Just relax and watch SpongeBob and all will be back to normal before you know it!

  2. I will be thinking of Jerome and sending healing thoughts. I know you will be just fine at the doggie hotel. Give Mom a hug from us too.

  3. I somehow missed this post and just saw it now. I'm so sorry to hear that Jerome is in hospital. Sneding you all hugs and hoping all will be fine soon and you can all be home together again.