Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My father is a mouse!

Did you know that my father is a mouse?
No, I'm just kidding!
It's just that his name is Mickey. Yes, like Mickey Mouse!
He's a blenheim, like me, and he was born in the USA... unlike me...
That's about all I know about him.
I'm sure he would have loved that tasty bone!
Thanks, uncle Alex, for that cute t-shirt!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grooming and cooking

As I behaved nicely during my last grooming session (I kept the crying to a minimum), my mom decided to prepare me a surprise. I had to wait until today, Sunday, to know what is was.
Be patient, Rouky...
Finally, the day has come. I'm really happy!
Fantastic, Sophie had decided to bake for me! On the menu today: a tuna melt. It was supposed to be all organic, but after visiting 2 stores, my mom chose to do it with the ingredients she found. It was pretty easy, she said: mix the different flours, light cheese, egg and tuna and you're done. Well, you are left with a lot of dirty dishes!
Voilà! What? Am I looking at squirrels? I've dreamed of catching one for months now.
Finally, it comes true.
Bon appétit!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A real water dog

Last week-end, I went back to the water and this time,
I really got wet!
Sporty boy that I am, I was wearing my black harness
and a long leash.
Walking with grandpa Robert rarely lets me time for sniffing around. It's go, go, go!
It's good for my heart!
Do I jump or not? Let me think...
OK, I'll stay. I'm not a rescue water dog yet, but I had lots of fun...
and I snored in the car on the way home!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A twist on a Russian tradition

A few weeks ago, my mom bought two cute cards featuring "Cavtryoshka", a mix between a cavalier
and a traditional Russian doll.
These beautiful illustrations were an idea of Terri, the cavaliers owner (she has five of them!) of the website Day Dog Designs. They are sold at the kittyanydots shop on Etsy for under 5$.
A great deal!
Finally, my mom had them framed yesterday. Now, they add a touch of color to our smaller bathroom.
Before I leave to visit grandpa (mommy's dad), I want to wish all my American friends a happy 4th of July!
See you all later with lots of pictures!