Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jerome turned 3

We had a fun run in the park this week-end.
Look, there is ice everywhere!
Surprisingly, the weather is a bit warmer now,
so there are lots of fun stuff to sniff!
"Dad and Jerome, look down before
you take another step!"

Speaking of Jerome, he is turning 3 this week.
He is a big boy now and
he wants to do things
by himself,
including walking us.
He's not yet ready!
Yesterday, we invited mom's family
for a big birthday lunch.
As always, our big brudder
was spoiled!
Earlier this week, Sophie's mom
also made a visit and brought
educational games.
This month's challenge:
learning the colors.
Start by the most beautiful ones,
Jerome: chestnut and white, of course!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Relaxing options

Up until recently, when mom was working on the computer
(or catching up on her friends's whereabouts
on Facebook), Fino and I did not know
what to do.
Usually, this happened when
Jerome was taking a nap
(which is rarer these days)
and I must admit that
stealing his toy cars
when he is not around is not that much fun...

Why not relax a little, then?
To help us with that,
mom bought us two great day beds
just before Christmas...
We love them a lot!

Fino sometimes chews on the pillow,
but he has not done serious damage yet...
Now that Jerome's health is much better,
we are enjoying seeing much more of him.
We know that he is growing fast!
He is now going to daycare 2 mornings/week
to help him gain more independence
before going full-time.
You can do it, big brudder!
We'll sure miss you during the day!