Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What a Sunday!

Sunday morning, I was ready for
a great day filled with adventures, walks
and naps on the sofa.
The action started early:
Jerome's breakfast went
the other way and I got
stuck with eggs in my ears.
Not pretty...
Everything went fine until late in the evening.
Dad let us out to do our business one last time
before going to bed. Usually, he goes out with us,
but not this time.
Someone else was keeping us company, though:
a small black and white animal
that seemed quite friendly.
A skunk!
Guess who learned a valuable lesson...

The next day, Mom rushed Fino and I to the groomer...
and then to the vet because the skunk's urine
burned my eyes.
She was really worried for me...
Now, I no longer smell awful,
but I'm going to look like this for 10 days.

Stay inside, my friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two days at the zoo

This week-end, mom received photos
from Jerome's happy days at the
Ecomuseum zoo and the Granby zoo, taken
by uncle Alex and grandpa Robert.

Here is a Siberian big cat that really
impressed our big brudder.
Jerome loved the train! He's been saying
"Choo choo" ever since!
Here he is, with grandpa, a bit unsure of himself.
He gained confidence as the day went on.
The otters made Jerome laugh! He kept
running from one window to another.
Seeing fishes, birds and lots of exotic animals is fun,
but running from one exhibition to the next
is still the best!