Saturday, February 12, 2011

A big heart

I'm back!
I still have BIG improvements to make at home
(such as not making the earth shatter and terrify
everybody every time mom leaves the house),
but I had to show up for my sweet Valentine,
Miss Kodee.
You are a stunning tricolor, dear, and I hope to
meet you one day.
Fino has a tender spot for your beautiful sister.
Becky, would you like to be his cougar girlfriend?
As you know, February is the month of the heart.
Our brudder Jerome received great news about his last week:
it is perfectly OK!
This week, on Friday, mom will meet the urologist to know more
about the problem with his kidneys.
We all hope for the best.

The little guy still has to gain weight.
It's difficult because he is kind of a fussy eater.
My complete opposite!
Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you'll get lots of hugs and lots of treats!

We have another visit from the dog trainer
on Tuesday. I'll tell you all about it.

Bye bye!


  1. Hi Rouky - Just stopping by to say Hi. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day.

  2. *oh SWOON* Miss Kodee and Miz Becky have just been so romantically swept off their feet! Rouky and Fino you are dashingly handsome and very sweet Valentines.

    REALLY happy to hear about Jerome. I know this has been such a stressful time for you. So glad he is feeling better and I will continue to send good thoughts to your family for your meeting with the urologist

  3. I am SOOOO happy to hear Jerome is fine! He is so precious! I have missed you Rouky. I hope everyone at your house has a fun Valentine's Day!