Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me, jealous?

Yesterday, I had a surprise visitor: the elegant Julio,
a long-haired Dachshund,
who came from Montreal with his parents, Nathalie and Hans.
We were both shy at first, but soon enough,
we started to chase each other around in the backyard.
After a while, we came back inside for a little snack.
Mom gave me my himalayan chew... and she gave
a half-chewed old bone of mine to Julio.
Bad idea!
Hey, I'm an only doggie child. I'm not used to share...
I barked a lot to signify my indignation.
Julio, full of himself,
barked in return.
Mom, you should have known better!
That being said, we made peace soon after
and we left good friends.
Now, it's time to run after the cats again!


  1. Rouky, Becky is just like you! I am ok sharing though; I usually let Becky take my bones and sometimes pinecones ;) Have fun with your visitor, they look cute!

  2. It's okay to protect YOUR property. It would be different if YOU offered it to your friend....sometimes people just don't get it....

  3. How cute!! LOL at Rouky barking!! I miss you!! How have you guys been? How'd you like the IOD?

  4. Hello and thanks for barkday wishes, Rouky! OMD, we're been away from your bloggy for so long and we just read all the post we missed. Happy 1 year anniversary with your mom and dad. We're very very happy that you found a great forever home.

    Momo & Pinot