Thursday, March 3, 2011


Look at him!
Mr Fino is has become a beautiful boy!
His hair is longer now and super shiny.
It does not get tangled like mine and,
guess what, he does not mind to be
brushed, unlike a certain someone
who is known to bite...

Today, while Jerome is being spoiled
by grandpa, mom left home early with Fino.
She explained to me that he'll be neutered
and the vet will also remove his hernia.
His girlfriend of the moment, Miss White Teddy-bear,
feels sad and lonely but mom thinks it's OK because
their relationship
was moving too fast anyway. :-)
Another big change: our crates, that we never really used before,
had to be moved up from the basement.
We'll have to get used to them, it seems...
Because we suffer from separation anxiety
(we love mom too much; dad can almost come
and go as he wants!),
it was the only way she and Jerome could
get out of the house safely.
We also have to wear citronella collars
to diminish our barking.
Fino is the one who has the most problems with this.
Surprise, surprise: I have been spotted relaxing
in my crate with the door open.
See, I can be good when I want to!

Jerome still has to go to the
Montreal's Children Hospital
almost twice a week.
Encouraging news: his kidneys
may be up about 80% OK...

Bye bye!


  1. Always so good to see your little scamp. :-)
    Also good news about Jerome. Such a little scrap, bless his paws. :-) x x x

  2. This is great news on Jeromes kidneys. Sorry you still need to go 2x a wk to the hospital though. I bet Jerome is a trooper!

    Wow, lovely picture of Fino! His coat looks great!

    Have you tried hiding little pieces of kibble in their crates when they arent looking? Hidden food make them <3 their safe zone crates!

  3. Things are sounding very good at your house! Good to hear!

  4. Citronella collars? Never heard of them, sounds interesting. Do they really work and where do you get them? Our boys bark a bit too much too but more when we are at home, especially before going for a walk. Fino is looking very handsome. Hope Jerome makes a full recovery.

  5. Neutered?? Two of us (Pirate and Monty) are not neutered, so that word is a bit scary to think of! Mum thinks that is not nessessary for us, as she used to be a cavalier breeder and still has old breeding friends who call on occassion when they are looking to breed a litter of pet-only puppies.

    Lucky came to us already neutered, but because of his age Mum would have had him done anyway to cause less stress to him.

    It's sad to hear that Jerome is not 100% yet, but it is awesome to hear he is getting better!

    Puppy Love from Pirate, Monty, and Lucky