Friday, April 1, 2011

All about my brudder

These past 2 weeks, it's been all about my brudder Jerome.
He's getting bigger and he understands
what mom and dad say a lot better.
Talking? Just a few words yet...
Playing hide and seek and singing and laughing? A lot!

Jerome still has to go to the hospital
at least twice a week.
This means crate time for us and worry time
for our parents...
Next week, they'll have the results of
his kidneys scan and on April's 12th,
he'll have the 1st of 2 surgeries on his bladder.

Jerome still finds time to have fun activities,
like last Saturday at Ikea with uncle Alex and Sophie.
He had the kid's menu (at 1,99$, it's a deal!)...
... and he made time to try the furniture.
"I love this chair, but at 90$, I think we'll pass..."
Mom did return with lots of bags full of toys,
fun accessories for Jerome's bedroom,
candles and napkins .


  1. Jerome looks so happy! Take care my friends and laugh and play A LOT!

  2. Jerome every day I swear you just get cutier! I think I love you in that chair. When my kids were little we used to go to Ikea just to play in the kids section. Soooo tempting - but we resisted too. Good luck with your appointments - we will continue to send loads of good vibes your way!!

  3. oh Rouky, look at these photos! Your brudder Jerome is such a good boy! We know he's a cute boy and he's getting cuter and cuter while bigger and bigger on every single post! What is the magic?? :) :) Hope his surgery will go well. Our pawss crossed!!

    Momo & Pinot