Monday, July 25, 2011

A very hot summer

What a hot summer!
The sun has been shining so brightly
recently that we had to play mostly
inside during the day.

My speedy brother Fino
has taken up a new habit:
he bites my ears until I accept to run after him.
This got me a solo trip to the groomer this morning.
Do I look happy?
Maybe not, but my fur is now shiny... and mat free!

Rest, little blenheim brother...
I know I'm going to win our next tug-of-war session!
I guess the visit to the dog park that
mom promised to us
is now
Jerome, get out of our seat now!
You're not going anywhere, dressed in your pj!
Our brudder never gets tired of playing in the garage.
Have fun!


  1. Very cute pics! Magnus always pulls on Maizey's ears too. I think Maizey can't wait until he has long hears to pull on back!LOL Hope you guys don't melt in the heat!

  2. Love the pics! Jerome is getting SO big! Have fun at the spa....just relax and enjoy!

  3. we have a very rainy summer here, so we could mix weather for some change ;-) cute pictures!

  4. That is adorable! Jerome looks great! My kids loved playing the garage growing up! What's with that? The heat here was unbearable last wk but this wk its walking weather again!!

  5. Jerome is so cute. He's grown so much. What a beautiful boy. You must just be loving Mummyhood are you? I'm trying to comment again. My commenting is not working lately.