Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back from our vacation

We are back from our vacation...
and from a long absence motivated
by our spokesperson's laziness
(yes, we are talking about you, mom!).

This year, Fino and I took a separate
vacation from the rest of the family.
The humans went to Kennebunkport, Maine,
for a week. They had a really nice time!
Jerome saw the ocean (and was a bit afraid of it!)
and he ran across the lobby of the hotel at numerous occasions.
Everybody got to know him!
His first time swimming in the pool went well,
so he's going to take a class with mom this autumn.
He's going to be a sea turtle!
Back home, Mom and Jerome visited a small local zoo.
Snakes? Behind a glass, they are OK.
Discoveries are fun!
While the rest of the family was away,
Fino and I spent a week at our trainer's house, Christine.
She's the best!
We moved so much (up to 3 hours of exercise every day)
during our stay that, at night, we were exhausted.
We even agreed to sleep in the same crate.
It was a first class experience!
We even got to swin in a pool, on leash.
Thanks Christine!

Have a great week!
Now that we are back, we'll keep you posted
about our adventures more often!


  1. Oh you got your very own vacation with a swim in a pool? Lucky you!! Glad everyone else enjoyed their vacation too. I agree snakes behind glass are just fine, let them and...

  2. Rouky and Fino! You're back!!

    Happy to hear that your humans enjoyed vacation while you had a great time with Christine. She made you guys a very confy bed. 3 humans look so happy in the family photo and the way Jerome looks up the glass is so cute!
    little Humans are so curious about everything. hehehe....

    3 hours of excercise! Whoah! :D :D

    Momo & Pinto

  3. Oh wow, has that baby grown. Er.. sorry beautiful little lad has grown :-) Sea turtle sounds good to me :-)
    As for you Roulky amd Fino. ah you look slim and heathly and rearing to go for your next adventures.
    Good to see you all back :-) x x x
    loves from Freya Rose Blossom too :-) X

  4. WOW! Your very own vacation! How cool is that! I can't wait to hear more....

  5. Hello Rouky and Fino! How are you? We thought summer is over but hey... today is a beautiful day. Hope you are also enjoying warm weather.

    Thank you for your kind comment about our mom who has returned to work. :) :) Actually she returned to workplace a year ago but the transition was not easy and after two month of struggles, she decided to stay home one more year. This time our brudder is older and we're doing much better than last year. We know your mom and dad can do it, too!

    Have a great weekend!
    Momo & Pinot