Monday, October 10, 2011

A very special day

Time goes by so quickly, humans say...
Today is a very special day for Mom and Dad:
they met baby Jerome for the first time exactly
one year ago.
Their lives has changed so much since that
precious moment!
Look a him, in their Beijing hotel room,
so small in his orphanage's clothes...
At the time, he was still drinking for the bottle
and he had very bad skin, but
he already was a sweet, curious and mischievous
little boy!
Look at him today, playing in grandpa's backyard!
He has grown up in so many ways!
He now calls me "Touty" and wants to know
where I am all the time.
His best friend is Fino:
Jerome is obsessed with trying to put
his harness on!
Little Fino is very patient (most of the time...).
Clearly, our big brother needs to go to
daycare next year!
Jerome still has many follow-ups to go to
at the hospital. We wish him the best!
Also, he has now officially entered his "no" phase,
which can be quite funny sometimes.
And let's not forget his endless energy.
He just never stops!

You are the best brudder we can have, dear Jerome!



  2. What a blessing for all....he is such a handsome little man....May God bless all of you....

  3. My word that is never a year ago. Wow :-) What a happy little lad :-) Lucky little lad to have such good friends.... Always love to see you on here little guy....
    hi Roulky, your cute, but think Jerome beats you this time :-) x x x

  4. of course you can add me to your friends! thank you for considering me! lots of love!

  5. Rouky and Fino! We can't believe how fast time would go by.... We remember your happy post clearly! It's been a year since your baby brudder was welcomed by your familly? He's getting cuter and cuter for sure. We look forward to reading his adventurs with you guys.

    So... he has learnt "NO" phrase. We often giggle when ours keeps saying "no". hehehe...

    Momo & Pinot

  6. ps: When our mom asks "do you know the word no?" to our brudder, he would say "NOOOOO"!! Humans are funny.

  7. Wow a year ago?? I can't believe it. I don't know who is luckier, Jerome for finding you or you for finding him. Nothing beats loving, nurturing and experiencing being a parent. What a great set you are!