Sunday, January 15, 2012

A hot award for a freezing time

The trees, the yard, the cars:
all is white outside!
It's also freezing cold...

To warm our hearts, our dear friends
Momo and Pinot
did this amazing thing:
they gave us the Liebster Award,
created to help small blogs get
more recognition.
Thanks so much!

It's now our time to give back!

We'd like to share this special award with some of our friends
(their blogs must have 200 readers or less, sorry Remington!):

Kodee and Becky
Kosmo and Faith (we love you and we'd like to read newer posts!)

The links to their fabulous blogs are on the left column.
Merci Momo and Pinot!
We LOVE your blog!

Since we are not big fans of the cold, we are spending
long hours snoozing inside, while Mom and Jerome
are being busy visiting day care centers.
They may have found the right one!
We will keep you posted on this later this week.

Also, our big brudder had a very special day yesterday.
After being postponed many times last year,
his christening finally took place.
Pictures coming soon!
Sleep tight!


  1. Congrats on the award! Your blog is awesome.

  2. Well thank you Mame! We love reading your blog too. Great news on hopefully finding the right daycare. It is nerve wracking - but independence makes them grow! Your photos are really nice - warm looking inside. Yes, sigh, we have horrible winter here too. :(