Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another flashback: visiting Grandpa in Laval

Each visit to Grandpa and Grandma is filled with excitement. I get to take the elevator, run to the condo and try to cuddle with Grandpa... who doesn't let me because he's a bit afraid of me. I love him anyway because I'm a Cavalier and I love just about everybody! Few... I needed a rest after that!


  1. Hello Rouky.. It's so so wonderful to see your update with pictures. We've been SO behind to follow our friends blogs (please feel free to blame our mom aka the chief editor/our assistant!!) but tonight we're happy to see your grandpa's happy smile. You mentions that he's a bit afraid of you but...hey we can tell he loves you. :) :)

    Momo & Pinot

  2. ps.. we meant to say earlier.. we're very happy to be connected! Thank u!

  3. Hi Rouky,

    We're two Cavaliers brothers very far away and we hope you'll come on over and pay us a visit. You look so much like Marley when he first came home to us in June 2008. Looking forward to following your blog. Marley & Jasper at Cavaliers Corner.

  4. Rouky!! So excited you have your OWN blog!! We are very, VERY jealous you get to visit your Grandparents at their condo. Our Grandparents WON'T allow dogs at all :( Mom snuck us in once in a stroller though lol

  5. Thanks Life with Dogs, Love My Cavaliers and Miss Kodee for your nice comments.

    Miss Kodee, Rouky's grandparents are thinking about moving in another condo building where dogs are not allowed. I, Sophie, am so bummed about this, but my own mom doesn't allow Rouky in her condo...

    I bet you had fun being incognito in that stroller! This is so fun!