Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meal time: what about me?

When my mom is eating, I am the nicest Cavalier around:
I sit, I stay and I look at her with my big brown eyes.
It works because I usually get a few bites!


  1. So does she try to steal food if you walk away for a minute? Our Marley does that...very obedient while we're in the room, but leave the room and don't leave any chairs out from under the table. So cheeky and cute aren't they. Rouky is a beautiful looking dog, she has gorgeous marking on her back too. Big cuddles!

  2. Oops...I think I made a big Cavalier mistake...just realized Rouky is a boy. So, sorry. Our Marley gets mistaken for a girl too. Not sure what it is but so many people just assume that if they're Blenheim they're girls...must be the cute face that just says put some bows on my ears LOL! Sorry Rouky.

  3. Hi! Rouky gets mistaken for a girl all the time, so no problem. You know about this!

    Thanks so much for your nice comments about Rouky's look. He is food obsessed and like Marley, he does try to steal it as soon as we leave the table. He's bad with cat food too. I, Sophie, have to take it out as soon as they are finished with it.

    I'm giving a big hug to Rouky from his new Australian friends!

  4. Does Rouky make little whiney horse sounds if you ignore him? Kodee does when food is around. Becky is not so subtle - she just gets in your face lol

  5. Hi Miss Kodee,

    Well, Rouky is more like Becky: right in your face! When he does not like the results of his seduction techniques, he tries to chew the chairs... That gets him attention alright!