Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blogging can be exhausting

When my mom is working on my blog, I always pitch my ideas.
After a while though, it gets a little boring for me and I go to sleep.
Surely you would think that when my mom is in front of the computer at home, she works all the time...
I must tell you a secret: sometimes, when I open an eye,
I catch her playing with some mysterious "jewels"!
ZZzzz... Happy Easter to everybody who celebrate!


  1. How absolutely gorgeous is that! Hmmm why does that look very, very familiar though I wonder. Marley always wants to jump up while I'm online too and sometimes he just gets too heavy for one handed typing so I get him a chair next to me, he has to be within patting reach. That game looks familiar too....I love Bejwelled Twist...which one do you play?

  2. Rouky looks might comfy there!! Your arm looks mighty tired holding him lol. Happy Easter back at you!

  3. Happy Easter, Love My Cavalier and Miss Kodee!
    I can last about 15 minutes with Rouky on me while I'm online. After that, he gets to sleep at my feet. He, too, is too heavy!

    Love My Cavalier : I play Bejeweled Action. I will look for the Twist version. Its name is fun! :-)

  4. Rouky, We know exactly how you feel.. and yes sometime when we think our mom works on our blog, she actually post pictures on the site called facebook.

    Momo & Pinot

  5. Hi Rouky, I know exactly what you mean, I'm exhausted just watching my mum blog, let alone participating. You should do what I do mate, you should crawl into your mum's bed and wait there for her where it's comfy and warm. Then when she (and dad) come to bed, lay right up near them (to keep warm of course) and even when they push and shove you to get you out of the way during the night, just keep on coming back at them until they eventually give up and go to sleep! That's my advice mate, works for me!!! Love, Teddy (melb Aus)

  6. Thanks for stopping by our blog. You're a charmer, Rouky. Looks like he loves a lap as much as Kendall