Saturday, May 8, 2010

Always up for a ride!

Don't you just love riding in the car?
Me, I'm always ready to jump in! It usually means that, not only I won't be left at home alone with the cats, but I'll go somewhere fun. Now that I have my very own car seat, I can look outside the window for a while, then fall asleep. And when the engine stops, I instantly feel fully energized!Are we there yet?


  1. Rouky, thank you very much for telling me about your name. We've always liked your name and now we know where it came from. :)

    Yes Yes, car ride is our favourite thing. It looks like you were still dreaming on the second photo. Cute!

    Momo & Pinot

  2. Now that's what we call luxury doggy travelling! We love your car bed. I wonder if they come in double size for two? Although we usually have to share one seat belt in the middle to fit in two more either side of us when we travel so maybe it would take up too much space. Still, going anywhere in the car like you said means not being left behind so it's always a good thing.

  3. We just bought the same seat for Charlie. Do you notice that he gets a little warm in the front seat and wants to move to the back seat?