Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's in a name?

Let me tell you a little bit about my name.
When my mommy is walking me around or playing with me at the dog park, she is asked all the time what is my name.
No, it is not Rocky (do I look like a boxing champion to you, with my long fluffy ears?). And it's not Rookie either.
It is Rouky!
But what does it mean? Mom explained to me that she loves Disney's movie "The fox and the hound", which is titled
"Rox et Rouky" in French.
In the film, Rouky is a beagle, but who cares?
He is a nice and friendly dog like me!


  1. We think you're gorgeous Rouky and we love that movie too. Especially when he says "I'm a houuuuuuund dowg!"

    You just look like a Rouky and very original name to choose, we hadn't hear it before.

  2. I love your name! Thanks for sharing how you got it! Very interesting -- that is the coolest name....

  3. AHHHH I may learn some French is I hang around you long enough!! Rouky sure is growing a beautiful long coat!