Monday, November 15, 2010

New look, old habit

Guess who got a great new haircut?
No, not me!
Cavaliers do not have their hair cut, people...
It's a major no, no!
Maybe a bit around the paws, but that's it.
It's Jérôme!
He looks much better now, doesn't he?
You can't see much on the picture,
but take my word for it.
Mom told me he just cried a tiny bit
while the hairdresser worked her magic.
Good boy!
Guess I'll have to get back to my old habit
(stealing stuff!)
to get noticed...


  1. I am certain you DO NOT go unnoticed! You are super duper special to your family. Now your new job is to help care for Jerome! He is very handsome with his new haircut! Take care and enjoy all the moments together. Time flies by WAY too quickly....

  2. What a sweet happy little face Jerome has. One big happy family is what we all love to have and see. I bet you're both super spoilt.

  3. I've seen that cutie's chops somewhere before.
    What a smartie.

    Stealing stuff.... well, we all do it, cept some get caught. :-) You have to be quicker babes :-) luv Amie Soto Blossom x x x