Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our first walk together

I'm back home again! Finally!
I was treated very well at the doggie daycare.
In fact, mom thinks I put on a few pounds...

What a big surprise I had when I entered the door:
a big brudder, with shiny brown eyes and a lovely smile!
Life will never be the same.
He's still on "China time", playing at night
when I'm trying to sleep on my pillow.

Jerome is a lot of fun: he already learned
to share his human food with me and
mom must have given me 100 treats
to leave his toys from my mouth.
We are going to have a great time, it seems!!!

Yesterday, we took our first walkie together.
Don't be fooled by this picture: he fell asleep for 2 minute at most!!!
Mom is still trying to manage us without looking like a fool.
She'll get it, don't worry!
Would you like to look at pictures taken in Beijing?
Mom showed them to me on her laptop.
As soon as Jerome is asleep, she'll share her best with you.


  1. CONGRATS! Welcome Jerome! Rouky and you are going to be best friends! I can't wait to see the pics from Beijing and a daily pic of Jermone and Rouky....now there is YOUR mission! From Secret Agent Remington....again many congrats! What a blessing! Beth told me to tell your mommy not to worry -- it will all settle down in time....

  2. Hi Baby... I can see you and Rouky were meant for each other.
    I always like to share, it's a cavalier thing we do..... aren't we good !
    You have a really beautiful, special charge there.
    luv from Amie Soto Blossom
    Mum will soon get the hang on it... so will you :-)xxx

  3. So glad you all made it home safely! Rouky being a doggie brother is a big job I know your up for! Your gonna grow up just lovin each other! Can't wait for more pictures.

  4. Us too. Can't wait for more pictures. Don't worry Mummy....bet you will LOVE the sound of that "MUMMY!" there's no better word in the world no matter what language. You must all be so excited and Jerome is so cute we just want to lick him and our Mummy wants to pinch his cheeks. Congratulations and remember....bed time routine, be consistent and lots of calmness at night and it will all work out for you. Sing softly, lots of cuddles, and above all RELAX and enjoy motherhood.