Friday, April 6, 2012

Bye bye townhouse, hello bungalow!

Who is this moody little guy?
Our brudder Jerome, of course!
As always, he wants to play with the camera
instead of being photographed...

Jerome started daycare last week.
He's a big boy now!
He still would prefer to stay home with Fino and I,
but he has so many new things to learn.
Jerome also started speech therapy
and he's making progress every day.
Where does that leave us?
Well, I guess we'll have to entertain ourselves during the day...
and mom or dad will have to wake up extra early
to walk us a bit in the morning.
The good news is: we'll soon have a lot more room to play!
We'll be moving at the end of the month
to our very first bungalow!
We can't wait!
No wonder our parents are so tired these days, with
all these changes.

Happy Easter everybody!
Remember:: chocolate bunnies are for humans only!


  1. How exciting! Jerome is getting so big! So handsome.... Have a Happy Easter, my friends!

  2. Jerome is just so cute. We dont understand, what is a bungalow, over here a bungalow is like a little one room building the people build in their back gardens when they need an extra bedroom or studio guestroom. We cant imagine that your family and two dogs would all be moving into one of those small rooms so it must be something different in your part of the world. We hope you have a happy move to your new home we're sure you will have lots of licks for Jerome when he comes home from daycare. Greetings from Marley and Jasper.

  3. Rouky, Fino and family!!

    You must be so proud of your little brudder. He already started daycare? Paws up for his new adventure and new life style for all of you. Jerome will learn so many new things and will meet many new friends. How exciting!!

    Congratulations on your new home!! Yes, our mom totally understand why your mommy and daddy are so tired these days. But we know they feel it's rewarding to be parents of two cute Cavaliers and cute human brudder Jerome. :)

    Happy Easter to you!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  4. Jerome is so cute! I hope you enjoy your move! Congrats, my friend!

  5. How very exciting!! You must be so busy packing - this will be great for Jerome, Rouky, Fino and you both! Ah Jerome in no time you will be begging to get to school faster to see your friends.

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  7. Hi Rouky, Fino and Jerome!
    Happy belated Mother's Day to your mom! You must have been very busy lately but we hope Jerome's therapy is going well and all of you you enjoy your new place.

    Yes, that's wine. There are many bottles of MOMO wine from New Zealand in the box and they should last for a whole summer! We'll see... :) :)

    Momo & Pinot xoxo