Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our new house

We love our new house!
It is bigger than the first one...
and we finally have an outdoor playground
with lots of big trees!
We'll show you in a few minutes...

Jerome is really happy about all of this,
despite what the photos show.
He is the one who insisted on wearing
his winter, one-size, now-too-small
pajama during the hottest afternoon
last week-end!

Getting settled has proven to take much 
for time than expected.
That's why you haven't seen us in a while.
Mom will get back to commenting on your blogs soon...

She's now back at work and Jerome is
getting used to daycare.
No more crying in the morning: yeah!
We were worried about being alone all day, 
it's not the case, for now.
A few weeks ago, daddy lost his job
(the Montreal branch of his company
suddenly closed).
He's working hard to find a new one.

See you in a minute!
Now, where's that camera again...

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