Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The backyard

Here are parts of our backyard.
Let us tell you, the grass is delicious!


  1. You know I was just the other day wondering what you all were up to. You're still here. That's lovely. What a gorgeous day to be outside playing in the garden and grazing on the yummy grass.

  2. We love grass too...our mom says we graze on more grass then a herd of cows, bol!

  3. LOL THAT looks like my dogs! Becky on a hike a few wks ago ate so much long grass... the end result was NOT pretty!! Your yard looks great - hope your settling in after the move.

  4. Hello Rouky, Fino and family!! It sounds like you've gone through many changes lately. Your backyard is so beautiful! We're happy to see you love chewing yummy grass and your brudder enjoys being outside.

    We hope everthing will work out for your daddy. Meantime our mom wants to send a big congratulations to your mommy. Going back to work must be another big change! Hope you two enjoy 'freedom' at home while everyone is a way. :) :)

    Momo & Pinot xoxo