Sunday, December 5, 2010

All soft

Sleeping in?
After being washed, that's the best thing to do,
even UNDER my
very own pillow!
Yesterday, Jerome and I had our picture
taken with Santa. We'll receive it soon.
I had to look my best, so mom had me all wet and
applied some fancy shampoo and conditioner
from Isle of Dogs that Faith and Kosmo's mom,
the super nice Sara, sent her.
Sophie swears I've never been this soft!
I still have some mats on my chest...
Does that mean a trip to the groomer in the near future?


  1. Oh, you look snug, you probably smell very poofy too.... they do it to us and never understand we love to smell like a muddy puddle. Sneak out when they aren't looking and bring the outdoors IN again.
    lots of love Amie Soto Blossom. Take a tip from someone who knows :-) x x x

  2. You look SO comfy, my friend! I hope you post your picture of you, Jerome AND Santa so everyone can see!

  3. Rouky looking that makes me want to curl up and go back to bed! Rest up Christmas with a toddler will be EXITING TIMES!