Thursday, December 16, 2010

An early Christmas gift

OK, before showing you my 2nd Holiday picture,
I have to tell you that I received an early Christmas gift.
A BIG one.

See, the doggie daycare where I stayed while my parents were in China
phoned mom last week to inform her about a baby cavalier
who had no family.

Mom first answered that she had enough on her plate,
dealing with Jerome's adaptation
to his new environment and taking care of
one "naughty doggie"
(I must assume this is me...),
but then, she
agreed to give the little one a try.

How can you resist a face like this?
His original name is Pixel, but Sophie renamed him Fino.

So far, we get along very well... except when Sophie and Philippe feed him.
I think I should be the only one in the house to get kibbles, Kongs and treats.
You already know that sharing is not my strong point, right?

Other than that, we LOVE to chase each other, which makes Jerome laugh.
And we love to relax together.

Fino is really nice with Jerome. He lets him pet him, roll on him and play with him.
How does he do that?

I think 2011 will be really exciting with so many babies in the house!


  1. CONGRATS! I want a dog brother or sister to play with too! I must tell Beth that YOU got one so why can't I? I am so happy for all of you. I am certain that Fino will fit right in to your happy home. The sharing thing takes some time....again enjoy your new little brother -- you lucky dog....

  2. Two are always better than one! Congratulations on all you adoptions this year. What a full and loving home you will have now. Hope it all works out for you. We want to see some photos of all three "children" together soon.

  3. If ever there could have been a suggestion for Rouky... THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN MINE...
    Cavaliers love each other to the moon back and beyond. On a beach full of dogs. There might be only two Cavaliers... they ignore others dogs completly and only seek out other Cavialiers... Think, things will get easier for you. GONGRATUALTIONS :-) They will love Jerome too. Lucky little Jerome...
    TWO playmates :-) x x x

  4. Oh Rouky you will just love having a brother! Sounds like Fino is an absolutely perfect fit for your family. This is a great christmas with much to celebrate at your house! Enjoy!

  5. I'm a little late to the party here - just getting caught up with my blog reading. Congratulations. I've always heard that two Cav's are better than one. Enjoy!