Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet the cats

I think it's time for you to meet my older sister, Vanille.
I cannot say she welcomed me with open paws
when I arrived a year ago,
but she seems to tolerate me more and more every day.
This fiesty feline is old: she just turned 14.
She's really skinny now...
and she's forgetting where is the litter box and what to do in there.
"Downstairs, to your left, dear!"
Misha, 7, loves 2 things in life: eating and sleeping.
He was afraid of me for months,
but early this summer, he started to sleep on the floor again and he's calmer.
"Big boy, I may have fun chasing you, but it's just play!
I wag my tail non stop when I see you!"
Although I love both of them very much, I have to say that there is 1 thing that drives me crazy: Vanille and Misha get 3 - yes 3 - meals a day, while I am fed only twice.
OK, I do get treats and they don't, but still...
Mom tells me that they were here before me and she cannot change their routine,
but my answer is: it's not fair!
Kibbles before going to bed: that would make my life perfect!
Sweet dreams!


  1. Cats have it easy. Fed and litter trays.
    We have to go outside in the rain. They don't like getting wet. Kibbles.... they eat mine.
    I'm really hard done by living here. My cats are just like yours so no good me nipping over there, and I only have one meal a day. (keeps me trim and looking young).
    Cats really take the cookies, even such beautiful ones like yours :-) x x x
    luv Amie Soto Blossom

  2. I didnt know you shared your domain with cats Rouky! What's with the 3 meals a day - we are the Royal bunch tell Mom.
    <3 Miss Kodee

  3. You know what they say -- Kitties Rule -- Newfies Drool....well, that's what they say at our house. Not fair though you should get 3 meals too! Protest my friend! BTW -- I LOVE the pictures in the magazines you sent me! Thanks again!